It is that time of year again. That’s right, National Poetry month is almost here and is putting on their annual Poetry writing challenge. Starting on April 1st, will challenge you to right one poem every day for the month. It is an open challenge for published poets, beginners, or just anyone who is interested in poetry or challenges. You will be able to post your poems to the site if you would like but there is no pressure to. will provide you with support and prompts to help you along your journey.

Abecedarian Poem

Have you ever seen the type of poem before where each line is in alphabetical order? So the first word in the first line starts with the letter “A” and the next line starts with “B” and so on. I have seen these types of poems around but I never knew what the term for them was or really anything about them. Well they are called abecedarian poems (for those like me who didn’t know) and are a type of acrostic poetry (another term I didn’t know). They have a pretty cool history that dates back to biblical times. If you would like to know more, you can start here. Happy reading!