This Place of Promise

The State Historical Society of Missouri will be holding a presentation on Gary Kremer’s book “This Place of Promise: A Historian’s Perspective on 200 Years of Missouri History” Gary Kremer is the executive director of the State Historical Society and uses his knowledge and personal experience to explore how the people of Missouri were shaped over time. The presentation will take place on Tuesday, Dec. 12, noon- 1 p.m. at the Center for Missouri Studies, 605 Elm St., Columbia. For more information check out the link.

Project Gutenberg AI audiobooks

The topic about how AI is going to affect literature and libraries has been going around lately, and now there is something new to consider. Project Gutenberg has just used AI to create audiobooks for 5000 books in their collection. They partnered with MIT and Microsoft to create these audiobooks and used audio samples from already recorded audiobooks. For a more in depth article on this check out the link.

Living Windows

The District is putting on their Living Windows Festival. Starting on December first at 6pm, you will be able to see live performance at some of your favorite spots in Columbia. This will also be free horse drawn carriage rides, the Enchanted forest, Augmented Reality codes, and of course Santa. So come on down, parking will be free. For more information on participating store check out the link.

Books Belong

With books bans across the nation having major impacts on schools and libraries, Simon and Schuster is putting together a program to help put a stop to the bans. Their Books Belong is a multi-platform education and resources program is designed to highlight the merits of banned books and give resources to those wanting to overturn bans or wanting to incorporate those banned books into classrooms, libraries, or their everyday life. If you would like to know more, check out the link.

October Art Prompt Challenge

Calling all artists and writers! There is a new challenge for you to help get your creative ideas flowing. Starting in October you will design your character and have them make a journey through the haunted forest. Every five days will introduce a new setting for you to write about, draw, sculpt, or however else you express yourself. So if you would like to take part in the challenge, check out the link.

Thoughts of a Colored Man

Told in the SLAM narrative, this performance, written by Keenan Scott II, celebrates the achievements and triumphs of black men that are often ignored or overlooked. This performance takes place on September 20th at Studio 4. Tickets are just $15. For more information check out the link.

Shakespeare’s Pizza 50th Anniversary Big Bash

Hey all, Shakespeare’s Pizza, one of the best locally owned pizzerias in Columbia, is having its 50th birthday and they are putting on a celebration. They are offering a free slice of pizza and are having a free concert for anyone who wants to come by. The event takes place on September 23rd, the doors open at 4pm, and the concert starts at 5pm. For more information, check out this link.