Books Belong

With books bans across the nation having major impacts on schools and libraries, Simon and Schuster is putting together a program to help put a stop to the bans. Their Books Belong is a multi-platform education and resources program is designed to highlight the merits of banned books and give resources to those wanting to overturn bans or wanting to incorporate those banned books into classrooms, libraries, or their everyday life. If you would like to know more, check out the link.

Old Novel New Medium

Graphic novels have taken off in popularity over the years and many older novels have found a new life in this newer format. For many, older texts are sometimes harder to relate. This could be due to changes in language, social norms, or thinking but graphic novel can help readers engage in a story that would otherwise be more difficult to imagine. Check out this list of older novels that have graphic novel adaptations.


Read The Novel? You Should Read The Graphic Novel


Controversy at the Library of Congress

The Library of Congress has landed in hot water with the D.C. Preservation League with its proposed plan to remove the iconic central librarian’s desk in favor of a window in the floor, which will allow visitors to view the dome from the floor below. Proponents of the change say it will help bring more patrons to the library, while opponents claim it is unnecessary and would defile the Reading Room. Read more about it here. ( 


Full bookshelves in the backgrounds of video calls is not unusual, but how many people out there purchased books for the purpose of showing off their bookshelves during video calls? Apparently enough that there are bookshelf curators you can hire to stock your shelves. The Guardian has an interesting article about it.