June Comic Challenges

These art challenges are for all the comics lovers out there!
Journey June is Back!
This is for those who want to work on one story for the entire month. Find this year’s prompts here) https://www.journeyjune.com/
Quick Kick June Cartoon Challenge
This one does not tie you down to one story for the month. you can find an optional prompts list here) https://kickinthecreatives.com/quick-kick-june-art-sketching-challenge/

A Unique Vacation Souvenir

Vacation season is pretty much here and there might be a souvenir that you will overlook. It can be found anywhere. It can fit any budget and is only the size of your favorite book. It can improve your memories of the trip and/or be very educational. It might even help you plan for your trip beforehand and plan future vacations as well. There’s even a kid’s version. Basically, there are many things this little item could do for you depending on how you treat it. It doesn’t even matter how long or short your “vacation” is. I have one for a trip to another state and one for the Chinese Culture Festival this last weekend. If you’re curious as to what this object is, please see the resources below.
This is the best website I’ve found. Personally, I recommend both.

Missouri Botanical Garden’s Chinese Culture Days

The Missouri Botanical Garden is a great place to visit any time, but next weekend they are having their Chinese Culture Days, May 18-19 from 9-5. If it is anything like their Japanese Festival later in the year, then this is an event worth experiencing! For more information, please go here: https://www.missouribotanicalgarden.org/events-classes/signature-events/chinese-culture-days

The Rabbit hOle

Kansas City might be a bit of a drive but this place looks worth it for anyone who loves children’s book art and/or literature! This warehouse-sized undertaking just opened in March so please forgive them for being “closed April 16-19 and April 28-30 for exhibit installation.” (https://www.rabbitholekc.org/) To learn more about it, please go here: https://kcstudio.org/experiencing-childrens-literature-like-never-before/ and here: https://www.npr.org/sections/pictureshow/2024/04/17/1242760712/kansas-city-childrens-museum-books.