Award Winners–Red Carpet Picnic

I’m just going to post the winners here. The full spreadsheet with all nominees is available upon request.

  • Most mysterious: Wayne Barnes, Ellis Reference
  • Best storyteller: Terry Brooks, Ellis Circulation/Reserve
  • Most patient despite all foolishness: Mary Ryan, Ellis Reference
  • Most likely to be featured in Wired Magazine: Ernest Shaw, LTS
  • Most commonsense: Karen Darling, Acquisitions
  • Most likely to wear something creative: Adrienne Arden, Acquisitions
  • Most attractive body art: Mary Amann, Cataloging
  • Most Web 2.0-savvy: Rachel Brekhus, Ellis Reference
  • Likeliest to save someone from a scary animal: Jeremy Clark, Receiving
  • Most subtle sense of humor: Wayne Sanders, Cataloging
  • Likeliest to make people laugh instead of crying: Ted Dodson, Ellis Circulation
  • Likeliest to know obscure cultural allusions: Rachel Brekhus, Ellis Reference
  • Best bureaucratese-to-English interpreter: Ann Campion Riley, Technical Services
  • Prettiest office decor: Mark Ellis, MU Libraries Administration
  • Most resembles a character from literature: Anne Barker, Ellis Reference
  • Likeliest to retire on patent royalties someday: Dan Dodd, Cataloging
  • Likeliest to play a stereotype-busting librarian on TV: Katie Carr, Special Collections
  • Best librarian glasses: Amanda McConnell, HSL Information Services
  • Best cat herder: Tammy Green, Interlibrary Loan
  • Most poetic: Nancy Turner Myers, Ellis Reference
  • Best young people rustler: Goodie Bhullar, Ellis Reference
  • Most likely to share their lunch with you: Jee Davis, Cataloging
  • Most likely to win a dance competition: Rebecca Graves, HSL Information Services
  • Most diplomatic: Leo Agnew, MU Libraries Administration
  • Most likely to keep a secret: Leo Agnew, MU Libraries Administration
  • Most likely to win a rap contest: Sean Witzman, Acquisitions
  • Best laugh: Kathy Peters, Acquisitions
  • Most likely to go into treatment for biblioholism: John Wesselmann, Ellis Reference
  • Most likely to visit exotic places in spare time: Amanda Sprochi, HSL Cataloging
  • Loveliest singing voice: Karla Geerlings, Cataloging
  • Nicest telephone voice: Cindy Cotner, Ellis Reference
  • Most likely to be a closet knitter: John Meyer, Ellis Circulation

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One comment on “Award Winners–Red Carpet Picnic

  1. Oh – and the additional award for “Cleanest Office” goes to Wayne Barnes, Ellis Reference. There were a couple other additional awards suggested, but these came too late to be incorporated into the survey for everyone. I’ll consider adding them if we do this again next year.
    Also: those winners who didn’t attend the picnic or were not present for the awards portion of the picnic will receive their certificates via campus mail or in-person delivery over the next week or so.

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