Tiger Spot Carol for 2009

Another year in the company of what I like to call “That D***** (Tiger) Spot”…another carol.  I’m going to keep making these up until the thing goes away.  Maybe some of us could raise money for the removal of the mosaic by singing the whole collection of them on Lowry Mall and putting out a hat.

What’s That In Front of the Library? (to the tune of “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear”)

What’s that in front of the li—brary?
The freshmen have never been told.
The kids are bending near the earth,
To lift the tarp of gold.

Is it a fountain? Is it a door
To Ellis’ most spacious wing?
The passersby in stillness stare
To contemplate the thing.

What’s that in front of the li—brary?
It’s quite the mystery!
O when, o when will the Tiger Spot
Pass into history?!