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Staff Advisory Group Notes, 9/7/17


  • General announcements & introductions: Kevin McFillen

Internal Speaker: Grace Atkins presenting on OERs

  • Vice Provost’s report: Ann Campion Riley

We hope to receive approval soon from the Provost for the new $5 million depository.  The Campus will loan us the money and we will make installments until it is paid off.  Since the other system campuses have found other avenues for depository materials, this is slated as a campus proposal instead of a system proposal such as the current depository was built.  Once built, we will then relinquish our rented space for UMLD II.

Provost Stokes has indicated that she will restore $1 million of the funds lost in the campus cuts for our Libraries collections.  This will allow us to keep our packages with our large vendors.  We can share this information with our stakeholders and interested parties.

The State Historical Society is looking at moving Dec. 2019.  Renovations could start in Jan. 2020.  The Provost’s office has indicated that the Libraries will have first dibs on the space.  Our ideas include Archives moving over, disabilities services, Student Success Center tutoring space.  Jim Spain, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies, has offered some funds for part of the renovations relating to the space planned for the Student Success Center.

We still hope for an additional expansion to the South.  We will look at drawing up plans to share with donors, Chancellor and System President in the near future.

We are pleased to welcome the Council of Deans and Chancellor’s Staff meeting in 114A on Monday mornings for a few months this semester.

  • Submitted Question: How is the water being filtered? Is the water safe to drink following the boil advisory?

Drinking Fountains are filtered from sediment and lime.  The bottle filling stations are set up with our filters that last longer.  Consequently, the “bottles saved” indicator is inactive.  The filters are all on an annual replacement program.  It does not filter for taste.  Jimmy from campus facilities confirmed that the water is safe to drink after the recent precautionary boil advisories.

  • HR Updates, upcoming events: Sheryl Cullina

Clarification about the organizational tree changes as mentioned in the past LMT minutes:  We are currently considered one department by the campus, but we do not operate or consider ourselves as such.  We are applying our current org charts to PeopleSoft.

Engineering Librarian and SCARAB positions are open and accepting applications. Sr. Library Specialist – Digital Services and part time Maintenance Services Attendant are the open staff positions at this time.


Division of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity upcoming training dates and details are being worked out.

Mizzou One Read: Infamy

Sep. 25, 1:00 pm: Experience of Puerto Rican Citizenship

Oct. 6, 12:30 pm: Rights of Guantanamo detainees

Oc.t 18, 5:00 pm: faculty panel about ideas the book raises.

Public library one read, small book display: The Turner House

  • Tribute to Debbie Melvin – Kathy Peters

Many library staff members attended Debbie Melvin’s Celebration of Life this past weekend.  Delightful stories about Debbie were shared, followed by a picnic lunch.  Debbie wanted to be remembered in this joyous manner.

  • Guest Speaker: Grace Atkins – Outreach Librarian

SAC: Website will show what organizations are involved in Joint Council with the Student Advisory Committee that has been responsible for facilitating the Student Enhancement Fee passage.  SAC is meeting 6 times this semester to keep up with their student vision for the Student Enhancement Fee.  They are excited to hear that we want to expand to the South.

OER: Open and Affordable Educational Resources Taskforce has identified their goals and mission.  Grace serves on two subcommittees for the OAER Taskforce.  UMKC librarian is on the other subcommittees, so we have a librarian represented on all subcommittees.  The goal is to educate faculty on what we have already.  The focus is on adopting open textbooks that have already been written.

MOBIUS and Open Textbook Network: Sep 27 is the kickoff webinar to explain the partnership.  Trains people how to lead reviewed textbook workshops. They hope to have a librarian at every campus to lead such workshops for faculty.

  • Chair closing remarks: Kevin McFillen

Staff Advisory Group: Tuesday, Oct. 10th, 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 p.m