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Notes from the Director, 9/11/17

Hello everyone,

I learned on Friday that we have approval to build the replacement for U2, the second phase of our library depository, another module of UMLD on Lemone Blvd.  It will be an extension of the current UMLD, to the south of the current building.  We will pay for it with existing funds now being spent to rent and maintain U2, the old Rust and Martin furniture store near the Midway exit off I-70, as well as additional funds we will have available, with student approval, from the Enhance Mizzou fee.  Cost is estimated at $5.2M, and campus will cover that amount and the Libraries will use our income, described above, to pay it back over a term of years.

Next week I meet with Heiddi Davis, from Facilities, and we will start working on the bid process and details.  Because we are building on university-owned land, and already have an architect’s plan, we hope to move as quickly as possible and be in by next summer.

This is amazingly good news, and I hope to have more details to share with you soon.

Besides that, I want to remind you all that the Campus Climate Survey results, from the survey we took last fall, will be presented at two campus open forums in Jesse Auditorium.  The first one is tomorrow at 3:30, and the second one is Wed., also in Jesse, at 12:30 pm.  All are encouraged to attend.  The survey is nationally normed, and MU has done it several times before. It was done all across the system, and UMKC got their results today.  MU is always looking to improve climate and morale for all, and create a supportive, inclusive environment for our students, faculty and staff.  Getting survey data on how things are helps us know how to improve, so we can’t be afraid of these surveys.  Improving communication improves every organization, and I hope we can continue to work on making the Libraries an even better organization.