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Notes from the Director 6/8/18

Today I have a few things to share.  The NNLM grant-funded librarian position in HSL has been filled, and the new person starts August 1.  She is Christina Pryor, who joins us from the University of Washington in Seattle.  She previously worked in St. Louis County, and some of you may remember her from the Missouri Library Association meetings.  Coming with her, and with support from the Provost’s office as a spousal hire, is her husband Steven Pryor, also a librarian, who has been working in digital projects at the University of Washington Libraries, who will join RAIS in Ellis.  They will be starting August 1.

Also, Wayne Sanders will not be returning, and we are starting a search soon to fill  his position in Technical Services with a slightly modified title and responsibilities.

Planning for the use of Ellis’ lower level continues at the campus level, and I hope to have more to share soon.

This has seemed to be a long week, despite some of us being gone for part of it to the MOBIUS conference.  I gave a presentation there on the future of libraries, and several other staff also presented on various interesting topics.  (Several people have asked about my presentation, and I will be giving it at the July Staff Advisory Group meeting as the program that day, July 12.)

As I wrote last week, no additional staff reductions are planned for the Libraries in the coming year.  All of you are important contributors to the work of the Libraries, and we need everyone to keep working hard.

Thanks to you all as we hang on together.  Stay cool this weekend.