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Libraries’ Link Resolver Update

Since 2002, one of the most effective tools the Libraries have offered our users has been Findit@MU (an OpenURL link resolver).  It bridges the gap between the item citation and finding the best method to access it (online, in print, or requesting via ILL) with a single click or two.

In the past 15 years, we have migrated through 4 different resolvers; each time moving to a product that provides more functionality and ease of use for our patrons.  Our current link resolver is provided by ProQuest.  With the libraries’ decision in 2016 to cancel our Summon discovery tool subscription (a ProQuest product) and move to Ebsco’s Discovery System, we were provided free access to Ebsco’s resolver.

LMT appointed a small group to review the link resolver issue and make a recommendation on whether to renew the resolver subscription with ProQuest or use the free resolver provided by Ebsco.  Team members gathered information, attended webinars, tested both systems and recommended to LMT that we cancel the ProQuest subscription and move to the Ebsco resolver.  The primary factors in recommending this change were:

  • Saving staff time and improving efficiency by maintaining 1 knowledgebase for both the resolver and discovery tool
  • Real-time updating of the Ebsco knowledgebase provides up-to-date information to users (note that ProQuest updates the next day)
  • Familiar look and feel for our users because of the many Ebsco database subscriptions and EDS
  • Cost savings of approximately $7000

LMT has accepted the recommendation and the implementation team has started to work on it.  We intend to be completely live with the Ebsco resolver (which will still be called Findit@MU) by July 1, 2018.

We’ll provide additional information as the process moves along.

If you have any questions, please contact a member of the team listed below.


Corrie Hutchinson
David Walsh
Diane Johnson
Ernest Shaw
Rhonda Whithaus
Stara Herron