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Team Zalk: Thank You, Stitch!

Meet the pets! A look at the team behind Team Zalk!

Name:  Stitch. My original name was Stitches, but my human shortened it to Stitch. She sometimes will call me Stitcharoo or Stitchypoo, which I think is a little demeaning.

Breed: Felis catus. I am a Domestic Calico Shorthair.

Age: I was born sometime during the Spring of 2003. So, I am 13 years going on 14.*

Sibling: Reg

How I came to live with my current human:  I started out as a stray who was adopted by a college student in Kirksville, MO. It came time for him to move into a new apartment that did not allow pets, of all the nerve. He was going to take me to the local Animal Shelter. My current human’s son knew his mother would take me, even though he hadn’t asked her. So, on Thanksgiving day 2003, I was transported to my new home and have been here ever since.

Likes: Belly rubs from my human. Sleeping in my cat beds. Eating. Treats when I can get them. A dripping faucet. Being combed & petted. Sitting next to my human on the couch. Sunning myself in the garden windows.

Dislikes: That other cat when he invades my space. Having my feet touched. Loud noises especially the vacuum cleaner. Too many humans. The cat carrier since it means I’m going to the V-E-T. Trespassers in my human’s yard, D-O-G-S.

What I do with most of my day: Ignore the other cat as much as possible. Sleep. Occasional trips to the food bowl hoping the other cat hasn’t eaten all of the food. Greet my human when she gets home and follow her around the house.

My human: Laura Buck

*Note: Forever friend Stitch crossed the rainbow bridge in October 2017. She is missed.