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Mold FAQ and How You Can Help

FAQ Regarding Mold at Off-site Storage Facility

In October 2013, mold was discovered on books and bound journal volumes in one of MU Libraries' off-site storage facilities (UMLD2). This facility holds approximately 600,000 volumes belonging to the MU campus.

MU Libraries has established a Collection Enhancement Fund to assist our response to the mold damage. Your gift will be used to treat, relocate and in some cases, replace items impacted by mold. Our goal is to ensure the MU Libraries' ability to serve the needs of our users is not compromised by this sad event. A gift of any amount is greatly appreciated!

No one cares more than we do about preserving knowledge and scholarship. As we work through our response plan, know that we are making every effort to save items with special value and to retain ready access to information in the collection. 

If you would like to help us preserve this collection, click here to donate to our Collection Enhancement Fund.