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Coming to MU in November–Access to SciFinder-n

Starting November 1, 2020 MU researchers will have access to SciFinder-n.  SciFinder-n is a new generation of SciFinder with better functionality via mobile devices.  It includes several new tools– PatentPak, MethodsNow Synthesis and Retrosynthesis Plan. Go to the CAS website to see additional information about SciFinder-n.

Your current SciFinder ID and password will also work for SciFinder-n, however, you will need to use a different URL to access this new version. The URL for accessing SciFinder-n will be provided closer to November 1st. You can continue to use Scifinder for a while, but CAS does plan to discontinue the old platform in 2021.

CAS is offering several introductory sessions for SciFinder-n this month. See below for details. Additional training webinars will be offered in November. CAS also provides on demand Scifinder-n training resources.

SciFinder-n Introductory Training Webinars:

Get started with SciFinder-n by signing up for one of these upcoming introductory training webinars.
Learn how to use SciFinder-n for:

  • Reference searching
  • Structure searching
  • Reaction searching
  • Computer-aided retrosynthetic design

Monday, October 19th, 1:00 pm CST  or Thursday, October 22nd, 1:00 pm CST

Register for one of these workshops

Please contact Janice Dysart, Chemistry Librarian, if you have any questions about SciFinder-n.