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New Art Display: Medical Illustrations


Please stop by and view our new display, the medical illustrations of Stacy Turpin Cheavens, MS, CMI. Stacy has been the School of Medicine's sole Certified Medical Illustrator for 10 years now, currently at the Missouri Orthopaedic Institute. She works directly with health professionals of all types to create illustrations and animations for journal articles, presentations, posters, textbooks, websites, patient education, and clinical materials, among other uses.

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Stacy Turpin Cheavens

While attending the University of Missouri as an undergrad, Stacy learned that she could combine her two passions, art and the life sciences, in one career. She knew immediately that Medical Illustration was the profession for her. After graduating in 2000, she studied drawing and sculpture at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy, and taught an écorché class (learning anatomy through sculpture). She then continued on to the Medical Illustration Graduate Program at Georgia Regents University in Augusta (then the Medical College of Georgia). It was there that she gained an in-depth understanding of anatomy, studying side-by-side with medical students, and became familiar with the tools necessary to create professional illustrations and animations.
You can view more of her work at She is also happy to talk about starting a new project or to answer any questions about a career in Medical Illustration. Contact her at or 884-5324.

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