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The U.S. Tax Code as Used by a Stock Market Expert

While leafing through the pages of the Wall Street Journal this holiday break, the obituary of Robert N. Gordon caught our eye. The article, with the fascinating headline “College dropout made name as tax maven,” gives insight into Mr. Gordon’s success:

“Mr. Gordon, who was founder and president of New York-based Twenty-First Securities Corp. and whose bedtime reading included the tax code,…would exploit inefficiencies or errors or inconsistencies in the tax code wherever he found them.”

Impressive bedtime reading, but it served him well.

Want to follow in the tax maven’s footsteps? The United States Code can be found on the Reference Shelves in our Government Documents collection or online via the U.S. Government Printing Office’s website; Mr. Gordon’s book, “Wall Street secrets for tax-efficient investing,” is also available here at Ellis Library.

Lindsay Yungbluth

Lindsay Yungbluth is a Library Information Specialist at Ellis Library where she works in Government Documents.