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Ken Logsdon Photography on Display in Bookmark Cafe

An exhibit of local artist Ken Logsdon’s photographs is on display in the Bookmark Cafe on the ground floor of Ellis Library. This exhibit will be on display during the spring semester.

Artist’s Statement:

I photograph things that catch my eye. It might be a pattern. It might be a reflection. There might be high contrast. It might be a shadow. It might be the perfect vignette. I love quirky. I have begun doing nature abstracts. I’m hoping the viewer has to look awhile to decide why I shot the photo and what it is; to see a face or a creature. That is why you usually won’t see titles on my photos.

Not represented in this show, I also travel to small towns NOTI (Not on the Interstate) and try to find representations of Americana. I have learned a bit about the current economy by doing so – not in an academic way but observationally.

I post publicly on Facebook as Ken Logsdon