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MU Libraries Centennial Art Competition Winners

In the fall of 2015, as part of our year-long celebration of the one-hundredth anniversary of Ellis Library, the MU Libraries announced an art competition open to all undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled at the University. Students were invited to submit an original work of art based on the theme of The Library at Night. Artworks consisting of drawing, painting, photography, graphic design and fiber were submitted, and hose displayed here in the Bookmark Cafe were judged to be the very best.

A panel of five jurors from the MU campus community served as judges for the competition, and they based their selections on the following criteria:

  • Overall quality of the work and its presentation
  • Effectiveness of the art in terms of creativity, use of materials and composition
  • Effectiveness in addressing the theme of "The Library at Night"

The Grand Prize Winner of the competition is J-School Senior, Mallory Weise, for her acrylic on canvas painting, "Night Owl." Her painting will be purchased by the MU Libraries and will become a permanent part of our collections.

Notable Entries

  • A Night at the Library, Ari Wagner
  • Adventures Yet To Come, Amanda Bradley
  • Creature of the Night, Jessica Cash
  • Centennial Staircase, Noor Khreis
  • Open 24 Hours, Samantha Edwards
  • Moonlight Studying, Sarah Leituala
  • Rainy Nights, Victoria Roodhouse
  • Ghost, Michael Edson