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Ellis Library Open 24/5 After Labor Day

Ellis Library will be open from noon on Sunday until midnight on Friday and from 8 am until midnight on Saturday starting Sept. 5.

Students have consistently asked for longer hours, and thanks to the Enhance Mizzou Student Fee the hours have been extended to meet student needs.

  • Only students, faculty and staff with a valid Mizzou ID will be allowed in the library from midnight to 7 am.
  • Library users will have access to all floors of the library during the extended hours.
  • Service hours, such as check-out and reference, will not be extended, but the self-checkout machine is always available.
  • At certain times of the evening only the West entrance (by Speaker’s Circle) of Ellis Library will be open.

For a complete list of all library hours, including around holidays and intersession, please visit

If you have questions or concerns about using the library overnight, Pat Jones, Head of Library Security, and Dana Houston, Senior Security Officer, share security information and safety tips.

What security measures are in place?

During the overnight hours, there will be three security officers inside Ellis Library, one stationed at each entrance and one roving officer, meaning that officer will be walking throughout the building.

Approximately 18 security cameras will be added to the outside of the building soon. More and better lighting outside the building is also in the works. There are already approximately 20 security cameras throughout the inside of the building.

All security officers are Red Cross certified, and the library has a defibrillator. MU Police Department officers will arrive within 3-5 minutes if they are needed at any time.

What is the number one complaint library security officers receive?

Talking in the quiet areas!

Do you have any safety tips for students who plan to use the library overnight?

  • Intoxicated students will not be allowed entrance. The library is a place to do research and study.
  • Any time you feel unsafe or are being bothered by another individual, go to a security desk or tell the roving officer.
  • If you can, stay at the security desk to talk to the officer and answer a few questions. Additional details can help the officer solve the problem.
  • You can request an MU PD escort to an on-campus location by calling 573-882-7201. Escorts are done on foot.
  • Use the buddy system if possible. If not, call someone to say when you’re leaving and what route you’re taking.
  • Always walk in lit areas after dark.

What is the number one thing to know about safety in the library?

Again, any time you feel unsafe for any reason or are being bothered by another individual, tell a security officer.