Two Google Links

I wanted to share this pair of links about Google searching that I’ve recently seen:

– An article by John Tesdesco on Google searching:  How to Solve Impossible Problems: Daniel Russell’s Awesome Google Search Techniques.  (hat tip to Amanda Sprochi)

– Google is offering a free online course featuring powerful techniques to solve everyday problems using Google. Registration is open now: Become a Google Power Searcher.  (hat tip to Rebecca Graves)

2 comments on “Two Google Links

  1. I am taking the Google Power Searcher course and just aced the mid-course assessment. So far, not much is terribly new, but there have been a few handy reminders, like:
    -you have to capitalize OR if you want to use it as a Boolean operator.
    -filetype:kml will find you Google Earth items, that you can then view using Google maps.
    -when doing searches using operators like filetype: and intext: and site: you have to be sure NOT to put any spaces between the operator and the text that follows., not site:

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