June 2012 MULSA Spotlight Award Winner: Jack Batterson

Our Spotlight Award winner for June is Jack Alan Batterson!

Jack Batterson works in the Catalog Department at Ellis Library, and he has been with MU Libraries for almost 22 years.  He enjoys participating as Treasurer in MULSA; in Library Assembly; and the Retirement, Health, and Other Benefits Advisory Committee.

As author of the book Blind Boone: Missouri’s Ragtime Pioneer, Jack is a member of the J.W. Blind Boone Heritage Foundation.

Jack was a full tuition-paid music scholarship student at the University of Missouri- Columbia, graduating with a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in music history.  His library science degree is from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, and he also holds a financial planning certificate from the University of Missouri- Columbia.

Mary Batterson, Jack’s wife of 14 years, is Access Services Librarian at Columbia College.  They consider Jack’s mother’s cats (Hedda and Sally) to be their own cats, too.

In his leisure time, Jack is an MU basketball fan, loves movies, and reads newspapers, magazines, and books on financial planning.  He would be thrilled to be featured in the New York Times Magazine, and he prefers Hershey Milk Chocolate candy bars.

Jack counts his 10-day trip to Washington, DC as the coolest place he’s ever visited.  He joined his mother and her group of Columbia College students.  Among the highlights were a visit with the Director of the FBI, a private conference with a Supreme Court Justice, and a visit to the Chinese embassy.

Congratulations, Jack!

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