MULSA Board 2010/2011 election results

Board officers for 2010/2011 are:

President:                                           Rachel Brekhus (elected 2009 as VP/President-Elect)

Vice President/President Elect:         Karla Geerlings

Secretary                                             Remains vacant

Treasurer:                                           Jack Batterson

Social Co-Chairs:                                Ruthe Morse; Ruth Feldkamp

Staff Room Chair:                               Adrienne Arden

Courtesy Chair:                                  Delores Fisher

MUSE Chair:                                       Mary Aycock

Community Service Chair:                 PT Martin

Book Sale Co-Chairs:                          Sandy Schiefer (elected 2009 for 2009/2011); Kris Anstine (2010/2012)



(language is paraphrased/synopsized)

Regarding the MULSA By-Laws:

Order of Vote for New By-Law/By-Law IV

Proposal One:  Vote to rescind/remove By-Law IV (Super-Star Award, now defunct).


Proposal Two:  New By-Law IV, implementing a more general policy empowering the Board to administer awards or prizes as they see fit.  Prize expenditures are not to exceed $25 per each.



Regarding the MULSA Constitution:

Order of Vote to Amend Constitution Article III

(defining general membership)

Proposal Three: Define general membership for the purpose of event invitations as: All employees of the MU Libraries, Law School Library, Western Historical Manuscripts Collection, State Historical Society of Missouri, Library System Office, UMLD.  Said employees and their family or a friend may attend all regular events free of charge.  Special events may be exempted for the purpose of charging if determined to be necessary by the Board.


Proposal Four: Section 2 : Other invited guest of regular MULSA-sponsored events (at no charge) will be MU Libraries retirees and selected persons voted on by the Board.



Order of Vote to Amend Article IV

(Dues and Registration)

Proposal Five: All sections that deal with collection of dues for the purpose of membership (in main, Article IV regarding the former fee structure) are to be removed.


Proposal Six: Protocol for Voting Membership will include registration every two years for the purpose of voting at Annual Conference, for receiving and voting on electronic information as regards business of the MULSA organization requiring the input of the membership.


Order of Vote to Amend Article V, Section 2

(Membership notification)

Proposal Seven: Section 2 removal of language: Remove the sentence: “The Treasurer shall occasionally place notice in Library News Notes about membership” from Section 2, D.


Proposal Eight: Section 2 addition: The following be added to the end of Section 2, C: “The Secretary shall occasionally place notices in Library News Notes about membership.”


Proposal Nine: Identify Community Service Chair as a member of the MULSA Board, with description of duties.


Order of Vote to Amend Article VI


Proposal Ten: Makes electronic voting language more general; redefines how electronic votes are to be documented and archived.  This is proposed in order to keep up with current and future technologies.


Proposal from the Floor:

Strike language throughout Constitution and By-Laws to remove references to Staff Room Chairs and replace with Staff Room Chair.  The former language reflects an old practice.



Any deficits left by the non-passage of Proposal VI will be reviewed by the board and new proposals may be drafted and distributed in June or July.

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