Event: Celebration of Smurfice

It’s that time of year again…time to celebrate one another’s work here at the MU Libraries. MULSA has decided that this year it’s time to make it a Celebration is Smurfice. Just think of all the ways working at the MU Libraries is like being a Smurf.

1. Preponderance of a certain gender. After all, how many males work here? OK, how many males NOT named Michael?

2. Some of us don’t like the idea of name tags, having one’s photo up online, and other practices that might compromise privacy. Smurfs have the solution! From May 1 on, we’ll just start going by our Smurf Names: Rare Books Smurf, Life Smurfences Smurf, Head of Smurfulation, Assistant Smurf for Smurfer Smurfices…la LAla la la la LA lala la la…

3. “Are we there yet?” (to a working online catalog…a content management system…single sign-on for MERLIN and MOBIUS…)
“Not far now!”

4. (for the geeks) Any Hacker Smurfs among us are White Hats…no Black Hats, we hope, but at least one Red Hat type.

5. We do not have any cats in our domain.

6. We have a blue toy action figure with books, just like Smurfs do.

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