June 2012 MULSA Spotlight Award Winner: Jack Batterson

Our Spotlight Award winner for June is Jack Alan Batterson!

Jack Batterson works in the Catalog Department at Ellis Library, and he has been with MU Libraries for almost 22 years.  He enjoys participating as Treasurer in MULSA; in Library Assembly; and the Retirement, Health, and Other Benefits Advisory Committee.

As author of the book Blind Boone: Missouri’s Ragtime Pioneer, Jack is a member of the J.W. Blind Boone Heritage Foundation.

Jack was a full tuition-paid music scholarship student at the University of Missouri- Columbia, graduating with a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in music history.  His library science degree is from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, and he also holds a financial planning certificate from the University of Missouri- Columbia.

Mary Batterson, Jack’s wife of 14 years, is Access Services Librarian at Columbia College.  They consider Jack’s mother’s cats (Hedda and Sally) to be their own cats, too.

In his leisure time, Jack is an MU basketball fan, loves movies, and reads newspapers, magazines, and books on financial planning.  He would be thrilled to be featured in the New York Times Magazine, and he prefers Hershey Milk Chocolate candy bars.

Jack counts his 10-day trip to Washington, DC as the coolest place he’s ever visited.  He joined his mother and her group of Columbia College students.  Among the highlights were a visit with the Director of the FBI, a private conference with a Supreme Court Justice, and a visit to the Chinese embassy.

Congratulations, Jack!

Celebration of Service, 21 May 2012

MULSA held the MU Libraries’ Celebration of Service this week on May 21, 2012, complete with a delicious catered meal.

The following employees were recognized for their years of service:

40 Years: Mary Ryan

30 Years: Shelley Worden

25 Years:
Felicity Dykas
Mary Hainen
Tony Schwartz

15 Years:
Michael Holland
(Ivy) Oi-chi Hui
Nina Johnson
Michael Spears
Deb Ward

10 Years:
Dan Atkins
Jim Cogswell
Anselm Huelsbergen
Mat Miller

5 Years:
Joni Blake
Dorothy Carner
Shannon Cary
Ruth Feldkamp
Ann Riley

In addition to celebrating service anniversaries, we also reviewed highlights from the last year.

April 2012 MULSA Spotlight Award Winner: Judy Maseles

This month’s spotlight award goes to MU Libraries’ Head Engineering Librarian and Web Development Librarian Judy Siebert Maseles!

Originally hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, Judy has spent 31 years here as an employee at MU Libraries. Though she obtained an MLS from Mizzou, Judy also holds degrees from Saint Louis University (BS Communication Disorders) and University of Kansas Medical Center (MSE (Special Education) Deaf Education).

Our resident techie would be thrilled to be featured in an issue of Wired magazine. In a movie about Judy’s life, our star would be cast as Jennifer Ehle. Expect to hear Beethoven’s Sixth Pastoral Symphony, and perhaps a scene at some of Judy’s favorite locations: Acrosanti and Jerome (not to mention the Grand Canyon!) in Arizona.

If the opportunity came up to have a drink with any famous person, Judy would opt for a white wine sangria with Frances Perkins.

Judy is also a proud aunt.

Next time you see Judy and she happens to be wearing her now-famous softspots ankle boots, be sure to send a compliment her way! They are her favorite pair of shoes.

March 2012 MULSA Spotlight Award Winner – Frances Rouse

This month’s spotlight award goes to Frances Rose Rouse. Hailing from McKittrick, Missouri, Frances recently returned to the area to be closer to family. Since then she started at MU Libraries in Circulation at the Health Sciences Library where she is a Library Information Assistant.

Frances is a regular Francophile, having obtained a degree in French from Central College in Pella, IA. Her interests have even taken her to the City of Light: Paris, France! Being the coolest place Frances has ever visited, she was excited about being able to stay in the Louvre until 10pm on a Wednesday night. Magnifique!

When asked what person (real or fictional) she would like to have a drink with, Frances opted for a mojito with Ralph Fiennes.

When Frances is not at work, she can be found spending time with her dog Indy and her two cats (Violet and Tiger) and reading a book, watching a movie, or catching the latest English Premier League game.

February 2012 MULSA Spotlight Winner: Michelle Patrice Baggett

This month’s MULSA spotlight award winner is Michelle Patrice Baggett! Be sure to congratulate this Columbia, MO native the next time you’re in the Engineering library.

The MUSE Co-Editors recently had a chance to sit down and interview (read: survey via email) our winner for the month of February. Michelle has worked at MU Libraries for seven years, and prior to that, she was a part of Central Methodist College’s final graduating class with a BA in history (fun factoid: Her husband was a part of Central Methodist University’s first graduating class!)

At the Baggett household, one might come across a collection of scrapbooking materials and paper crafts (two of Michelle’s hobbies), and perhaps a photo of the Tower of London (the coolest place Michelle has been to). If you hear a calling out for “Moosho” or “Suzie”, expect the household doggies to be not far behind. Other fun pets that the Baggetts own include: several salt fish and marine life, betta fish, and a bearded dragon named Derek.

In the movie about Michelle’s life, she would like Kathy Bates to portray her. In the movie, Ms. Bates may be sporting purple danskos, Michelle’s favorite pair of shoes. The actress playing Michelle may be working toward one of Michelle’s aspirations, writing books (specifically romance books). The soundtrack will be done by Adele. All excellent choices!

When asked the question “what person would you enjoy having a drink with”, Michelle opted for a kinky liquor (mixture of mango and passion fruit liquor) with Jack the Ripper.

Updated to add this great picture of Rachel Brekhus, MULSA Vice President, presenting the Spotlight Award to Michelle.  Congratulations!

January 2012 MULSA Spotlight Award Winner – Ann Campion Riley

This month’s MULSA Spotlight Award winner is Ann Campion Riley, Associate Director of the Access, Collections, and Technical Services Division at MU Libraries. Originally from Peoria, IL, Ann is now a solid Missourian, and a part of MU Libraries for the past 5 years (as of June this year!)

Ann received an AB in English and her MA LIS from University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign, and travelled westward to obtain an MA in English at UMSL and doctoral studies at Saint Louis University in English and Comparative Literature. Ann also shared the topic of her dissertation: “Fifteenth Century Conduct and Culture in the Prose Works of Christine de Pizan”. This was all while accruing experience as a reference librarian and teaching Freshman Composition for 16 years.   Not too shabby!

When not working away at MU Libraries, Ann spends her time cooking, watching movies, listening to decent light jazz, travelling and attending the occasional wine tasting. She has two long haired cats that enjoy her company, Hamilton and Guinevere. When asked about the coolest place she’s ever been to, she replied with Skagway, Alaska.

In a movie about Ann’s life, expect to see Jennifer Garner playing the lead role of this librarian. Ms. Garner will likely be sporting a replica pair of Ann’s favorite shoes, a pair of Black Christian Louboutin pumps with 3 inch heels. Mrs. Riley would love to see a feature of her in Cosmopolitan, a favorite magazine. And if she could have a drink with anybody? She’d have a Manhattan with Stanley Fish.

Asked if there’s anything she’d like to share, Ann said the following: She’s been married to her fascinating spouse Dave for over 30 years, whom she has three wonderful grown children with—one who is a lawyer, one who is a biologist, and one software designer/engineer.

December 2011 Spotlight Award Winner: Paula Roper

Paula Roper is the Spotlight Award Winner for December 2011!

Paula LaJean Roper is a Social Science Librarian in Ellis Reference.  She has worked for the MU Libraries for 26 years.

Paula is originally from St. Louis, Missouri, and graduated from the University of Missouri- St. Louis with a BS in education and history.  She pursued both her graduate degrees here at Mizzou: a master of arts in library science, and a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis.  Paula also counts her life experience as educational background.

In her free time, Paula enjoys reading, television, Scrabble, kakuro (a mathematical crossword puzzle), and playing a type of thumb piano called a kalimba.  She has three dogs, all papillons, and may be accepting applications for a resident cat and perhaps a bird.

Paula counts New Orleans as the coolest place she’s ever visited.

Her response to a question about her favorite snack or candy?  “God, where would it end?  I’ll just go with grapes.”

Of any actor/actress (living or dead) to portray Paula in a movie of her life, Paula would choose Charlton Heston, obviously!  The movie soundtrack would feature Acyuta Gopi, Missa Luba, Mos Def, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Nina Simone, and Krishna Das.

What are her favorite shoes/boots?  “The ones I’m wearing.”

Paula would be surprised and thrilled to be featured in the magazine Playgirl.

If she could have a drink with any real or fictional person, Paula would choose to share a glass of vintage spiced blood with Anthony Bourdain.

In conclusion, she shares the following: Isaiah 5:8.

Congratulations, Paula!

November 2011 Spotlight Award Co-Winner: June DeWeese

Part two of our November 2011 Spotlight award winners is none other than MU Libraries’ own Head of Access Services, June LaFollette DeWeese!

Born in Trenton, MO, June is a lifelong Tiger. She came here for her undergraduate degree in Political Science and subsequent MLS. She began working for MU Libraries as a student employee and has been here since–for total of 42 years of service!

In her free time, June enjoys reading and attending book clubs, going to concerts, and playing with her two dogs: a chocolate lab and a white lab basset hound mix.

The coolest place June has ever visited is Liberia. If a movie were to be made about June, it would star Helen Mirren, and the Elvis cover “You Never Walk Alone” would be included in the soundtrack. Helen Mirren would also at some point be sporting those coveted gold walking shoes June acquired during a trip to Las Vegas in the 1980s.

Out of any fictional or real person to share a drink with, June would choose Ice tea with her mother.

Diane Johnson: November 2011 Spotlight Award Winner

We have two November 2011 Spotlight Award winners.  The first of the two is Diane Johnson.

Diane is Assistant Director of Information Services and Resources at the Health Sciences Library, and has been with the MU Libraries for 31 years.  She is originally from South Carolina, and graduated with undergraduate degrees in Radio, TV, & Film and Library Science.

Our award winner’s favorite snack is Cadbury Mini Eggs (available at Easter).

Diane enjoys cooking, concerts, travel, and Harolding, which she defines as “visiting cemeteries, a callback to the movie Harold & Maude“.

Russia is the coolest place she’s ever visited.

“I will never forget sitting up in bed at the Hotel Rossiya looking out the window at the Kremlin; overnight train trip to St. Petersburg; hurtling along the Neva embankment in a cab watching the sunset on the Peter & Paul Fortress at 11:30pm – White Nights!”

Diane has a cat named Cindy.

If a movie was made of her life, Diane does not care who would portray her, “but I must look thin in every scene”.

If she could have a drink with a fictional or real person, she would drink absinthe with Trent Reznor.

Does she have a favorite pair of shoes or boots?  “Naturally all my shoes are sensible librarian shoes.”

Diane has just returned from volunteering with Earthwatch at Meerkat Manor in the Kalahari Desert of South Africa this fall, and sent us the above picture to include on Muse.

“I always wondered what I’d look like with a Meerkat on my head, and now I know.”