April 2012 MULSA Spotlight Award Winner: Judy Maseles

This month’s spotlight award goes to MU Libraries’ Head Engineering Librarian and Web Development Librarian Judy Siebert Maseles!

Originally hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, Judy has spent 31 years here as an employee at MU Libraries. Though she obtained an MLS from Mizzou, Judy also holds degrees from Saint Louis University (BS Communication Disorders) and University of Kansas Medical Center (MSE (Special Education) Deaf Education).

Our resident techie would be thrilled to be featured in an issue of Wired magazine. In a movie about Judy’s life, our star would be cast as Jennifer Ehle. Expect to hear Beethoven’s Sixth Pastoral Symphony, and perhaps a scene at some of Judy’s favorite locations: Acrosanti and Jerome (not to mention the Grand Canyon!) in Arizona.

If the opportunity came up to have a drink with any famous person, Judy would opt for a white wine sangria with Frances Perkins.

Judy is also a proud aunt.

Next time you see Judy and she happens to be wearing her now-famous softspots ankle boots, be sure to send a compliment her way! They are her favorite pair of shoes.

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