For all I know, I’m the last one to really know about annotation, but I’ll readily admit I’m one of those people who does not like writing in her books and that gets even harder with e-books. So, whenever the word annotation has crossed my path in the past, I’ve just sort of slipped right back into reading about Aragorn, Shallan & Adolin, Benden Weyr and all my other favorites. Leaving annotation promptly forgotten. But then I ran across the article, “The Best Annotation Tools for Readers” (, this morning.

Since this space is partly about posting book related topics I think others might be interested in, I looked at it and found out it doesn’t require one to actually write in their books. One of these kits has notebooks for writing in, and the stuff in some of the other kits, like bookmarks, sparks all sorts of ideas for me. And if nothing else, I could stand to take some notes on the Wheel of Time, Darkover and the Cosmere. So, in case there is anyone else who might now be interested in annotating what they read, here’s some extra information, 5 Steps to Great Annotations (

Having decided annotation might be a thing to start doing, I also have to point out that I work in Physical Processing and have a problem with one of the ideas presented in the first article. Post-It-Note-like products have a nasty habit of trying to become a permanent fixture in books over time. If left in too long, or poorly made, they tend to take part of the page with them. Just a warning of what could go wrong.

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