A Paws-On Barn Hunt Training Session!

Here’s an event for those who have active dogs who like sniffing out things. Barn Hunting is a relatively new dog sport and you can bring your dog to learn all about it and even get in a practice run or two on Sunday, February 11th starting at 10. If you are interested in more information including pricing, location and directions you can go to the following site: https://allevents.in/columbia/barn-hunt-practice/200026072441828 . If you want to read up more on the sport first there seems to be plenty of information online. I’ve posted two links here to get you started. Here is a link to the Barn Hunt Association’s FAQ page: https://www.barnhunt.com/faq.html and here is a link to another event page that I found informative: https://www.kios.org/arts/2020-10-29/rat-infestations-are-a-real-problem-for-farmers-barn-hunt-simulates-a-solution . Spoiler alert: It sounds like the rats are alive but no person or pooch will really come into contact with them.

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