Baylie Elder: A Case for Bocce

Artist Statement

I come from a background of traditional artmaking. However, I have fallen for a medium far from what I thought I would be doing when I first came to Mizzou: landscape design. My work completes empty spaces, brightens corners, and brings people together. I seek to show my dissected thought process in these pieces—the same property, but with each amendment the landscape grows more realistic, so much so that you can “walk” through it by its final draft. I make changes, I add embellishments, and by the end an empty yard can become another art form. My tools are a pencil and computer mouse, and my media is plants. The challenge that comes with using a living media is the best part. I must consider a color palette that changes with each season, how certain plant textures will look layered over one another, and especially the care and longevity of the design for a client. There is a lot to know, and I have learned so much already since starting this journey, but I have most importantly found that what I do is not so different from my beginning with traditional artmaking, except by the end of the hard work I get to exist within my own piece —a living, breathing community of leaves, branches, and flowers. There is no greater payoff for creating than to express myself while also manifesting a vision for someone else to experience and enjoy for years to come.

About the Project 

  • Title of Work: A Case for Bocce
  • Medium: Digital images, video
  • Student's Name: Baylie Elder
  • Major: Plant Sciences
  • Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2022
  • Hometown: Columbia, Missouri
  • Student's Mentor: Tim Moloney
  • Mentor's Department: Plant Science
  • Art Project ID: 21VADS - 008



Great way to envision a home!!


Kate Nuessle

Big fan of the whole thing


Audrey Hannah

I love the progression you can see from the sketches to the final program! My favorite part was the detail you added in the Koi pond with the cattails. So creative and has a lot of curb appeal! 


Lauren Elder

Amazing. I can see and feel how dedicated and in love with this project that Baylie is. Great work. 


Clint Henegar

Great work


Brittany Henegar

Looks Amazing!


Matthew A McAlister

I love the details!  What a great job on the transition between the two softwares.  Your oral presentation was well edited and well spoken, too. It looked natural as if you were just having a conversation with a friend, but it was so well prepared it must have been a written speech!  


Angie Henegar

Absolutely stunning design! 


Rachel Godbey

By far my favorite project! Exceptional work and drive from Baylie. 


Kyle Henegar

Great video, awesome design! Good work!


Allison Titus

I enjoyed learning about your interesting and creative art project. You make a successful case for bocce!



Baylie I'm so proud to have seen you grow as an artist into doing something you really seem to love :')) it's so inspirational and I'm wholeheartedly hoping you win this!


Cindy Bryant



Judy Bloecks

Great job


Jim Spain

Enjoyed how you have shared the progression of your work and the way the coursework you completed have added to your developement as a landscape designer.  Impressed that you took it to the 'next level' with new technologies and have blended your passion for art, science and plants!