VADS 2021 Winners

Community Sponsor Awards

Sager Braudis Gallery – Scholarship & Exhibition Award

                Jessica Tifase for ‘The Harvest’ – mentor Joe Johnson

Ragtag Cinema – Film screening

               Sofia Voss for ‘I Think of You Often’ - mentor Kamau Bilal

MU Libraries – Exhibition Award

                Amy Frisella for ‘Ellis Library Addition’ – mentor Suyeon Bae

Art & Archaeology Museum – Exhibition Award 

                Kyle Yerby for ‘personal Protective’ – mentor Catherine Armbrust

 Columbia Art League - Selection Award

                Lauren Fyle for 'Still Lives of My Room' - mentor Mark Langeneckert

Applied Design

First Prize - $2,000

                Amberlee Gandy & Grace Anderson for ‘Funeral for One’ – mentor Lesleighan Cravens

Second Prize - $1,000

                Maddy Gomez for ‘Mariposa’ – mentor Nick Potter

Third Prize (2) - $500 

                Rose Shirkey for ‘Birthday Toast[ed]’ – mentor Marc Vital

                Grant Burress for ‘THROUGH THE FIRE’ – mentor Christian Rozier


Artistic Expression

First Prize - $2,000

                Jessica Tifase for ‘The Harvest’-  mentor Joe Johnson

Second Prize - $1,000

                Eliza Finck for ‘I Don’t Know How, But They Found Me’ – mentor Anna Wehrwein

Third Prize (2) - $500 

                Kylee Isom for ‘HOME/BODY’ – mentor Joe Johnson

                Sofia Voss for ‘I Think of You Often’ - mentor Kamau Bilal

VADS Awards Ceremony

Thursday, March 25th, 4 p.m.

2021 VADS Awards Ceremony