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Zalk Library: New Staffed Hours

Starting January 7th, Zalk Library will be staffed Monday through Friday, 7:30am – 5:30pm

Coming Soon…

We are just about to install a new door and card reader so that CVM affiliates can swipe into the library at any other time. Yes, the rumors are true! If you have card access to the Vet Med Building, you’ll have card access to Zalk Library! Woot!

We are hoping that this work is completed sometime the week of January 7th (fingers crossed).

1/10 Update: Project will likely start week of Jan 14. Getting closer every day! Still keeping fingers crossed.

1/17 Update: It has begun!! The new door is being installed! The card reader will likely be installed week of 1/22…

1/22 Update: The doors are on! The electricity is being hooked up. Card read on its way!! Paint color picked out!

1/23 Update: The actual card reader installed! Programming of door has begun! Just need to iron out a few glitches…

1/24 Update: We think it’s working! Tonight will be our trial run of the card reader! We think you’ll be able to swipe in after 5:30! Fingers crossed!!

1/25 Update: Yahoo! Everything is up and running!

As we get the card reader up and running, Signal 88 Security will be closing the library at 10:00pm.
Note: there will be no circulation services after 5:30pm, but the library will be available to you for quiet study until 10.

We’ll post updates as the project progresses!