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New Research Guide: Negro, Black and African-American Census Reports

Did you know that the Census Bureau completed a census on Negro newspapers in the 1930s? Are you curious about the population, income, and housing of Black farmers in the 1950s? Interested in learning more about childcare arrangements in the 1980s? The Census Bureau does much more than the decennial census. Reports cover agriculture, poverty, insurance, government, education and a host of other topics.

Our new guide to Negro, Black and African-American Census Reports provides resources for statistics, analysis and demographics on African-Americans from 1790 to the present.

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Native American Studies Guide Available

Can you name the Indigenous Nations who once lived in Missouri?  Want to know which books on Native American culture are written by Native Americans, themselves, rather than just others writing about them? Need a starting point for research for a Native American Studies class or paper topic? Find these answers and much more on the new Native American Studies Guide, compiled by Willow Hoxie, graduate library assistant and past president of MU’s Four Directions: Indigenous Peoples and Allies, with input from Rachel Brekhus, Social Sciences Librarian, and Anne Barker, Literature Librarian.

Along with the recommended resources for each area, the latest news in Indian Country is available, as well as information about on-campus resources.  

Check it out to learn more about the first peoples of America!

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