Adopt a Book Program News

Featured below are a couple of the most recent Adopt a Book transformations, courtesy of donors to the Friends of the MU Libraries Adopt a Book Program and conservator Jim Downey.  And of course, there are new books available for adoption as well!

History of the Westminster election (1784) - beforeHistory of the Westminster election (1784) - after

Le Czar Demetrius (1716) - beforeLe Czar Demetrius (1716) - after

Newly available for adoption

Morton (1798) Piozzi (1786) Quintanadueñas (1727) Teresa of Avila (1761)Barbosa (1748)Aretino (1588)

And many more


Kelli Hansen

Kelli Hansen is Print Collections Librarian in Special Collections and Rare Books, where she focuses on outreach, instruction, and reference.