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“Travel Near and Far” Exhibit

Check out the “Travel Near and Far” exhibit on display in the Ellis Library Colonnade through the end of January.

Katie Barthel’s DoodleStation began as a series of doodles created while attending professional training sessions as a CPA. Doodling was a way for her to express her creativity. Her first drawings were inspired by her trip to Australia, and after positive responses and encouragement from friends, she decided to turn those drawings into a business.

Katie Barthel

DoodleStation’s slogan is “Doodling your life, your experiences, your travels,” and Katie loves having the opportunity to brighten somebody’s day with one of her doodles. “Travel Near and Far” features landmarks from some of her favorite places–Columbia, Kansas City, and Australia–as well doodles meant to inspire viewers to explore more in their own lives. 

Katie asks, “What is life if not one grand adventure?”




Jennifer Gravley

I am a Research and Instruction Librarian with a background in creative writing.