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Local Artist John Michael Holman on Display in Bookmark Cafe

During the fall semester, the work of John Michael Holman will be on display in Ellis Library’s Bookmark Cafe. Holman is originally from Boston, and he began painting in V.A. Hospital and Art therapy classes after serving in the Gulf War.

Artist statement:

The portrait/landscape/ narrative has been a familiar subject within my history of painting. The process of creating and methodology allows me to develop each piece individually. It also brings me the most satisfaction; even if considered imperfect or slightly awkward in technique by academic standards. Being a self-taught artist has its rewards and allows me the freedom to go outside the lines and paint what I feel and see without restraint.

My more visceral works are achieved through the application of metallic paints plus the occasional inter-vention of the ‘happy accident’ or chance. All these elements contribute in the process of making or de-constructing my paintings. The creative process for me is one of release, provocation and ultimately my way of expressing my memories of places visited and the emotional attachments that accompany them.

This is more apparent as the viewer approaches the completed works; with surfaces dissolving into a color pallet of irregular textures and unconscious imagery. From an academic perspective, I break rules and as a self-taught artist I am completely at peace with that concept. I paint what I feel and if it provokes the viewer with any reaction whether good or bad; then I have done my job.

Thank you for viewing my creations.

T: 660-202-2428