What We’re Thankful For …

Comments from the wall at the Thanksgiving Feast:

 What Are You Thankful For?

“I’m alive, I’m healthy(ish) & I’m still very much in love.”

“The kind and generous library staff. (Especially in ILL)”

“To have the life & skills I have been given.”

“… having a job in this economy!”

“… my family & girlfriend & friends” -Ryan H.

“the Lord’s daily provisions”

“My spouse & my jobs & my brother-in-law’s recent new job in his field after some month’s unemployment”

“Nice co-workers!”

“Our God & my beautiful family

“Not working at the Bookmark Cafe!”

“Ayden Jackson; Alpha & Omega; Anheiser Busch and the patience of → Ayden Jackson”

“To wake up blessed and safe every morning!”

“My unorthodox & beloved family.”


“I will be thankful to get thru this!”

“For my babies and for my wonderful parents and friends!”

“… you!”

“My family and friends.  They are always there for me.”


“My wife & family”

“Me and my family and for our Father God!!! Love!!!”

 “The election results”

“For Jesus dying on the cross for my shame and guilt and instead giving me eternal life”

“I thank god for life and for him being in my life and for waking me everyday!”

“life and happest” <sic>

“My Lord! My family! My job (work)! My Friends! My life! & the Election!”

“Job & family”

“My friends & family, the library & good books!”

“This is Sparta!!!”

“A job & my boss Leo Agnew”

“Thankful for MU Libraries”



“Michelle Beut!”

“God’s Blessings!! Family!! Health!! Friends!!”



“Ma Famillia”

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