Das stein Haus (Jefferson City, MO) – Just off of highway 54 west

We ate at Das stein Haus on Sept. 7 2009 (Monday):
This restaurant won the Golden Fork award in 2006.

We were the only customers there the entire time. The service was fast and we got our food quickly. The food was very German and we forgot (at least I did) how unhealthy German food can be with all that fat and salt. The potatoes were good, but they were salty. My chicken Kiev was good and the veggies that came with it were good. Mom had a combination plate and Mary had bratwurst. I guess we like the American version of German food. I am sure anyone who likes “real” German food would enjoy this place.

The servings were big and the people were very nice. There were two restaurant staff sitting in the bar smoking and the smoke from the bar came into the restaurant area. The owner was not in the restaurant that day and his wife is the general manager of the Truman Hotel next door. They owned the restaurant since 1981. They have another smaller version of their restaurant downtown Jefferson City that has been open and closed over the years. The owner once again hopes to open that restaurant soon. They are having trouble finding a good manager to run that place.