Staff Spotlight Award winners for September : Yasuyo Knoll & Michael Hopkins

Yasuyo Knoll, who works in Circulation / Photocopy at the Health Sciences Library, was born in Kawaguchi, Saitama prefecture, Japan and has worked at MU for 10 years. Yasuyo’s education includes Urawa Jitsugyo High School (Saitama, Japan), Associate degrees in Education, Japanese Literature, and Library Sciences at Seitoku College (Chiba, Japan), and a BA degree in Anthropology at UMC. 

Yasuyo has three dogs: Blue (a black Lab), Sam (a black Lab mix) and Momo (a Shiba inu).  Yasuyo also owns two American short hair cats, Satsuki and May.  Leisure time is spent gardening and hobbies include baking.  Yasuyo is also interested in farm animals and wants a small petting zoo at home in the future.

Yasuyo thinks the coolest place she has ever visited is the Great Wall in China (not its namesake, the restaurant in Columbia).

Who should play Yasuyo in a movie?  “Audrey Hepburn.  She got black hair like mine. (^_^) “

In addition, Yasuyo would like to see library folk while at her other job: “Come to see me at Japanese Osaka restaurant! I work there as a waitress.”


Michael Hopkins, from the Journalism Library, was born in Farmington, Mo.  He has been a staff member for 3 years, but worked for four years prior to that as a work-study student.  Michael holds a BA in Computer Science from MU.

Michal owns a cat named Franklin and spends much of his leisure time watching movies, listening to music or reading.  His hobbies include playing guitar, music of any kind and screen printing.

Michael thinks the coolest place he’s ever visited is Washington, DC.

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