PT’s Jelly Roll Race Quilt

PT Martin (Technical Services) loves to sew, and especially to quilt. She has been quilting for three years. PT says that she likes sewing because it’s easy to fix mistakes if necessary. Lately, she’s been making quilts to raise money for good causes.

pt quilt

PT’s latest creation (above) is a colorful quilt made using a pattern called Jelly Roll Race. She likes this pattern because it’s quick to make up and looks more complicated than it really is. The process starts with a bundle of fabric strips called a “jelly roll.” The quilter sews the strips end-to-end. Then, through a series of folds, cuts, and stitches, a quilt appears! The multitude of colors in a jelly roll gives a lot of flexibility when choosing fabric for the border. PT chose to stitch an arrowhead pattern around the border to tie the quilt into the reason that she was making it – archery. PT’s cousin had the exciting opportunity to participate in an international archery competition in Croatia, and the quilt was raffled off to raise money for his travel expenses.

PT is currently collaborating with a friend to create a T-shirt quilt to raise money for breast cancer research. Watch this blog for more information and a photo when that quilt is finished.

Thank you for sharing your favorite creative outlet with Muse readers, PT!

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