It’s National Reading Month!

National Reading Month is here! If you want some ideas on how to participate, this is a great article) Some independent bookstores here in Columbia are Yellow Dog, the Peace Nook, and Skylark. There are also the book sales at the Columbia Public Library. If you are participating in the Read Harder Challenge, there will be a Read Harder Challenge Check-in at the Columbia Public Library on the 13th from 6:30-7:30 p.m (

I guess I’m celebrating by learning to annotate which also leads to one other suggestion I have for celebrating National Reading Month that the article didn’t cover. Writing and languages. If there is a different language (foreign or constructed) in your favorite book why not give it a try? There are a wide variety of resources out there for most of it. For example, you can learn to write your notes in elvish, or one of the Star Wars alphabets. For those who really love math or just trying new things, the D’ni number system is base-25. If you are interested in a new language but don’t want to commit to learning one, you can still look at their writing systems. Be forewarned, this might break down your resolve not to learn a new language.

I hope you all have a wonderful National Reading Month!

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