Catfish Corner: review by Jack Batterson

We ate at this place twice. We really liked it the first time and I really enjoyed the breaded catfish because it did not have that fish taste. The side dishes that came with our meal were hush puppies (regular) and cole slaw and fries. These were all very good and we can get one free refill on all three. The fries had a good seasoning on them.

However on our second visit, the breaded catfish was not as good and it had the fish taste. I think it was more lightly breaded this time. Both times, I had #3 (4 catfish strips for $9.75)

I understand that the shrimp is very good. Other items on the menu include grilled tenderlin dinner ($9.95), KC steak ($12.50), Rib Eye steak ($13.00), grilled chicken breast ($9.45), onion rings, buffalo wings and so on.

There is a good children’s menu that included corn dogs, grilled cheese, chicken stips, hamburger and spaghetti. Other menu items include frog legs, beer and wine by the glass (Les Bourgeois wines)

I really enjoyed the regular hush puppies!

I probably would not try the catfish again, but i would like to go back and try something else.

Catfish Corner

6307 Leupold court — 573-474-5017

North Route B and Brown Station Road intersection


Directions: Go north on Paris Road and the restaurant will be on the right side after you pass either Square D or 3M. You cannot miss it — Just keep going north until you get to it.


This place has been open for five years.

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