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I love craft books — but I also love book crafts. Reading a great book is wonderful, of course, but we can also find joy in transforming a superfluous book into an artful, interesting, and/or useful object. For my wedding four years ago, I cut up a brown-edged Dover copy of Jane Eyre and created Kusudama balls. It was a very time-consuming project (and I felt a little bad about destroying the book), but it saved me some money with the florist and gave a unique, romantic touch to the decor. Instructions can be found here:

Kusudama Tutorial

This week, I came across a blog post by the publisher Quirk Books listing ideas for book crafts. Several of them look intriguing!

DIY Bookish Crafts

What do you think of book crafts? Are they worth the effort — and the emotional cost of destroying a book? Have you created anything from books? Comment below or email me at

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  1. Great question, Shelly! When I wrote this post, I looked for my wedding photo CD and couldn't find it. I really need to be more organized! I'll dig it up eventually. But in the meantime, I do know where one of the Kusudama balls is. Look for it in an upcoming post 🙂

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