August 2011 Spotlight Award Winner – Matt Stottle

Stop, don’t steal that book! This month’s Spotlight award goes to Matthew Garrett Stottle, security officer at Ellis Library.

Hailing from Carmichael, California, Matt obtained his bachelors degree in Classical Studies from Mizzou. He’s been working for the University since 2006, and with Ellis Library Security since 2010.

Matt’s destination of choice is Chicago, IL. Speaking on Chicago, he says “I love the diversity and accessibility of the city.  No matter what time of year, there is always something to do, and an easy and safe way to get there.” Matt even lived in Chicago for a summer, falling short of trying and experiencing everything the town had to offer. A round of applause for trying!

In his spare time, Matt enjoys playing around with gadgets, studying for his next IT certification, or building computers. He has a penchant for a currently suspended British magazine named “PC Extreme” which showcased  unconventional computer cases. Since Matt enjoys designing computer cases it would hardly be a surprise to see him featured in an issue, should the magazine be around today.

One additional bit of news he is happy to share: “I am getting married on June 2, 2012 with a very loving a supportive woman I met while working at the old Campus McDonald’s.”

Congratulations, Matt!

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