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#TipTuesday: Studying off the Beaten Path

Studying off the Beaten Path

Let us study the libraries
As one prepares for exams,
And while the west stacks may seem scary,
Among the books is a great place to cram.

The Bookmark café may have it all:
Coffee, cookies, and outlets, to boot
While the trees shed their leaves in fall
The best study spaces have been hoarded like loot!

To ace your projects, papers, and tests
Seek study spaces off the beaten path
Whether it is chaos or silence you like best,
Let the libraries be your guide, compass, and map.

If alone or in mobs, find your refuge via Places to Study
Grab a desk in the stacks or reserve room 3G62 and bring all your buddies!

home Resources and Services #TipTuesday: Working on a Group Project?

#TipTuesday: Working on a Group Project?

Get the most out of your group study session by reserving a study room in Ellis Library!

Doors or No Doors? On the first floor, we have rooms with doors and no doors for varying needs of privacy.

Film Studios 2E21 and 3E21 are our film studios. These rooms have a green screen wall that you can use to replace the background on video or photography projects.

Larger Rooms Take the elevator to 3R to find these spacious, private rooms. Check the schedule because sometimes these rooms are used for meetings or classroom instruction.