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Staff Advisory Group Notes 6/11/19

SAG Notes 06.11.19

Comic Book Club

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Staff Advisory Group Notes 5/16/19

SAG Notes 5.16.19

Combined Lightning Talks

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Staff Advisory Group Notes 4/4/19

SAG Notes 04.04.19

Space Consultant Presentation

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Staff Advisory Group Notes 3/17/19

SAG Notes 03.07.19

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Staff Advisory Group Notes 2/5/19

SAG Notes 02.05.19 for News Notes

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Staff Advisory Group Notes 12/11/18

SAG Notes 12.11.18

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Staff Advisory Group Notes 11/8/18

SAG Notes 11.08.18 Final

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Staff Advisory Group, 10/9/18

SAG Notes 10.09.18 Final

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Staff Advisory Group 9/6/18

Welcome – Erin Powell

Vice Provost Report – Ann Campion Riley

  • Reporting structure will change for Edward McCain; he will now report to Deb Ward.
  • Sheryl Cullina will be moving to Campus HR. We will fill her position with a medium level officer and change the structure to have this position report to Kathy Peters, aligning it with other Fiscal Officer responsibilities on campus.
  • We will be hosting a Homecoming Open House in Ellis and welcome University Libraries staff to volunteer.
  • One Read event: tonight in Ellis Auditorium the film Thirteen is being shown.
  • Events in 114A: Entrepreneurial Quest speakers and Poetry readings.
  • One stop shop that was imagined for the libraries will now be a virtual One Stop Portal.

Question: Has the Teaching for Learning Center moved in?

Answer:  Yes, they are now in Ann’s old office.

Question: What are the One Stop Shop effects for Ellis relocations?

Answer:  We will keep it as is for the time being and will review needs as plans for the new Depository solidify.


Projects Update – Kathy Peters

  • Key card system and 24 hours started this fall. North and West doors will open 15 min early and stay open 15 min after posted hours.  Make sure the door gets closed behind you when Ellis is locked.  New policy: if you need to be in the building when it is locked, please let Pat Jones know.
  • Long term strategic plan for University Libraries is underway. Please let Kathy know of any projects you have in mind. Library Management Team will review the list and set priorities for the next 2-5 years.
  • Roof leak in East Reference and Information Commons-I. Roof has been repaired and ceiling tiles will be repaired this week.
  • Light poles will be installed on the southwest and northeast side of building.
  • Ellis carpet and lounge chairs have been cleaned. One set will be reupholstered.
  • Study rooms were repainted and chair rails and whiteboards installed.
  • Information Commons: Information Commons-II tables were repaired, power options were added to Information Commons-I
  • Updates to specialized libraries were mentioned, scanners in Digital Services have been approved for purchase, sink will be replaced in Physical Processing and doors to loading dock are being painted.
  • Ellis 114 will have new booths.
  • Special Collections Room 406 is open for classes. Hallways will be repainted. Stair lift will be replaced or improved.

Searches – Sheryl Cullina

  • Human Resources will be posting Sheryl’s position soon.
  • Also reposting the HR Assistant position as full time.
  • Library Information Specialist position will close soon.
  • Interviews are scheduled for the Technical Services Librarian position.
  • Reopened search for Associate University Librarian for Special Collections, Rare Books and Archives. Applications will be accepted through Dec. 1st.

Specialized Libraries – Deb Ward

  • Focused on Facilities, Communications and Planning.
  • Bike Desks were purchased at Health Sciences Library
  • Health Science Library is planning on going to a one service desk model.
  • Math Library Improvements consist of moving shelving and replacing it with open tables and study area.
  • Geology now has plug pods that reach study tables in the center of the space.
  • Engineering Library now has a digital monitor.
  • One-page fliers were created for each specialized library. Zalk Veterinary Medical Library page was provided as an example.
  • Chris Pryor is now on board with us and National Network of Libraries of Medicine.
  • Grant application is in process with SISLT for health information certificate program.
  • Journalism Library working on digital asset management plan.

Research, Access & Instructional Services – Jeannette Pierce

  • Thank you to all RAIS members for all that you do to support the students and libraries.
  • Library Management Team approved a change to our guest computer access. We now have 6 computers in the alcove behind the reference desk. We don’t have the ability to use guest wireless. UM System employees and students can use their login with campus specific domain on our computers.
  • Courtesy borrowing cards are only available to defined groups.  Other guests may obtain a borrowing card by becoming a Friends of the Libraries for a $50 membership to obtain the courtesy card.
  • Ellis circulation staff is now working at the reference desk between 8-5.  Felicity, Erin, Ivy, and Sean are also helping at the reference desk.  Thanks to all participated in training this summer.
  • Special Collections reading room hours are reduced to allow staff to structure their hours better.  Patrons always welcome to schedule individual appointments outside of reading room hours.
  • The Staff Development Group will host an Open House for Special Collections on September 20.
  • The Special Collections has a new display of student work in the Colonnade.
  • Instructional Services website has a new update.
    • Workshop registration is going well.
  • West Reference office area is now structured to host consultations with students. Digital media commons appointments are available upon request. Ellis 3E21, which used to be a group study room, is now a room equipped with green wall for filming.
  • Chat service is going very strong.
  • Poster printing moved to Digiprint.
  • Projector in classroom 213 will be replaced with a monitor.
  • We are grateful to have Student Assistants return from the summer break.

Acquisitions Collections and Technical Services – Report from Corrie Hutchinson via Erin Powell

  • We have started sending microfilm to CRL.  We are working on cleaning out 404 to create room for microfilm we plan to keep.  As we do so, we’ll change the signs as appropriate.
  • We are ready to work on the duplicate item project again at U2.  Look for emails to that effect later this fall.
  • The TLC officially moved into 52 Ellis the last week of August.  We have done a lot of rearranging in our area to create more work space, opened up a conference room, and done some much-needed general clean-up.  I plan to have an open house of the area later this fall after a hopefully successful search for a new Technical Services Librarian.
  • I’m still working on loading OCLC MARC records instead of Serial Solutions MARC records into MERLIN.  It is unfortunately a slower project than I had hoped, but one that will allow us more control going forward.  It is likely to take me most of this fall to get all the records replaced.  UMKC is also working on the transition and UMSL and MS&T are likely to do so as well later this academic year.
  • CSC has commissioned a task force to begin working on a collection development policy for the depositories.  With the expansion coming, it is a good time to get a policy together.
  • Thanks to everyone who has worked with ACTS to move forward after Catalog Management was dissolved.  We are transferring materials, cataloging government docs, working on the microfilm project, and much more.  It will take time before everything is settled into a new workflow, but we are making progress and doing our best.

Next SAG Tuesday, Oct. 9th at 10:00am

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Staff Advisory Group Notes, 7/12/18

SAG Notes 07.12.18