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VPN Access for IEEE Xplore has been Disabled.

There were several compromised accounts being used to access IEEE via the vpn so that a robot could download an excessive amount of articles.

Although Library Technology Services and DoIT worked to identify compromised accounts and block them, the compromised access continued. To restore access to users, we needed to stop the unauthorized access that was tying up all the seats.

To do this, we disabled the vpn access to IEEE by removing those IP addresses from the list of authorized IP addresses for IEEE. Any user with the vpn connected trying to access IEEE will not be able to access unless going through the libraries’ website (where the user will have to authenticate via the proxy server). Once the vpn IP addresses were removed, the access problems we were experiencing disappeared.

We can now access IEEE. If users contact us unable to access IEEE, try accessing via the libraries’ site ( or the Engineering Library home page (

To provide an alternative mode of access to IEEE with the VPN currently disabled, Library Technology Services is working with IEEE to enable Shibboleth authentication at the IEEE site. This would mean that users who go directly to the IEEE site instead of going through the libraries’ site would still be able to login. It’s not set-up yet, but we hope it will be up soon. Access does work via the proxy server now.

Please let me know if there are any problems or questions.

Judy Maseles
Engineering Librarian


Note: Many thanks to Rhonda Whithaus for her diligence in pursuing this issue and for drafting the above memo!