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Solar Eclipse Glasses at the Engineering Library

On August 21, 2017, the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE (imagine that in a deep, booming voice, okay?) will be gracing the skies of our campus. You may also remember that this is the first day of classes for the fall semester. Now before we get upset about the timing, we must keep in mind that the moon is on a very tight schedule. Fortunately for us, we are in the path of totality and campus is having all sorts of events.

Let’s just say we did not want to miss out on the fun! To celebrate, we will be giving out solar eclipse glasses to everyone who stops by the Engineering Library on the day of the event! It is important that you wear the glasses before and after totality otherwise the intense light from the sun will damage your eyes. You can take them off during totality and experience the full glory for a couple minutes or so.

We only have a limited amount so be sure to get here early on the 21st!

For more information about the eclipse and what to expect visit

UPDATE: We are out of glasses. Thanks for stopping by this morning!