Print, Scan, Copy


  • Printsmart Page -print quotas, copy prices and refund information.
  • Quick Print Stations – When you enter the library to your left are three quick print station computers. These are limited to 10 minutes or under for quick printing.
  • We have a black & white printer and color printer.
  • When you click to print it will default to whatever the person before you used. So if they used the color printer and you just hit "Accept charges" it will charge you $1.00 per copy. So please make sure to look and select Jlib B/W for Black & White or Jlib Color for color copies.
  • The J-Library is not responsible for problems with your printing or printer problems. If you have any problems call (573)771-SITE (7483).
  • Printing 11"x17"
  • Printing at other MU Libraries
  • How to install and use the Print Anywhere



  • We only have a staff copy machine.  If you need a copy please use our scanner located next to the staff copier on the first floor.
  • Electronic Document Delivery Service – The MU Libraries will retrieve and photocopy periodical articles, book chapters, proceedings, technical reports, government documents, and any part of other printed publications held in the MU Libraries (Ellis Library and branch libraries). Once copied the material will be available online via ILL@MU. All copying will be done in accordance with copyright laws and guidelines.