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Physiology in Medicine – review articles from the American Physiological SocietyAnyone can useAlso Known as: APS physiology in medicine

A series of review articles from the American Physiological Society designed to promote physiological understanding of disease with the proper application of new molecular models and tools. Use CTRL-F (Find in Page) to search the titles and abstracts of all articles in the series from 1998-2011 and link to the complete articles. From 1998-2001, the reviews were published in the American Journal of Medicine. From 2001-2011, these articles were published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Note: as of 2011, the APS Publications Committee has launched an initiative to continue the series. Future PIM articles will be published in the various APS journals, with each journal soliciting PIM articles in their area of focus.

Date Coverage: 1998-2011