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Encyclopedia of Medical Anthropology : Health and Illness in the World’s CulturesRestricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri

Discusses health and disease from a variety of cultural perspectives. The specific needs of homeless, refugee, and indigent populations are discussed, along with over 50 distinct ethnic groups: African Americans, Amish, Argentine Toba, Badaga, Bangladeshis, Baliem Valley Dani, British, Burmese, Cree, Czechs, Datoga, Fore, French, Fulani, Garhwali, Garifuna, Greeks, The Hadza, Haitians, Han, Hausa, Hmong in Laos and the United States, Iroquois, Jamaican Maroons, Japanese, Jat, Lijiang Naxi, Malagasy, Malays, Maori, Matsigenka, Maya of Highland Mexico, Mongolia, The Nahua1, Navajo, Nepal, The Northwest Coast, Ojibwa, Oklahoma Choctaw, Roma of the United States and Europe, Samoa, Saraguros, Shipibo, Sotho, Sudanese, Thai, Tongans, Trobriand, Tuareg, Wape, Yanomamö, Yoruba.