About UMLD

About the UM Libraries Depository

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The UMLD is designed to provide high-density shelving for library materials in an excellent climate controlled environment that will preserve the integrity of the materials for future generations.  The access to the materials is through MERLIN, the integrated library catalog of the UM libraries. The staff endeavors to provide 24-hour turn around from the UMLD to the mail facility on the requesting campus for requests received before 2:00 p.m. Monday-Friday.  Monographs are delivered through UM courier, commercial courier, or the local MU Libraries transportation system within 24 hours of receipt of requests.  This includes the period of acclimatization during which the library materials must remain in a controlled environment before leaving the facility.  Delivery methods for periodical articles and other photocopied material that is needed will include ARIEL, fax and other rapid services. UMLD receives article requests, and other non-returnable requests throughout the day.  These are handled in the order they are received and are generally filled within 24 hours.  Rush requests are sent within 4 hours. The UMLD is not designed for direct user access, but the range of services offered will allow browsing through MERLIN and the retrieval of materials for patrons to use in their homes, offices, other libraries, etc. Service at the UMLD is provided with the patron’s needs in mind at all times, and the staff has a commitment to meet the expectations of the patrons.