Borrowing Services for Staff

Material Type Loan Period Renewals # of Items
MU MERLIN Books 4 month 5


1000 – combined total of MERLIN check outs


UM MERLIN Books (MST, UMKC, UMSL) 4 month 2
MU Print Journals 2 week 1
UMLD print journals (MU, MST,UMKC) 2 week 1
Government Documents 30 day 2
Equipment Varies 0
DVDs in Ellis Library 10 days 0
DVDS in other campus libraries varies 0
MOBIUS Books 4 week 3 20 – combined total of MOBIUS book check outs and hold/requests on MOBIUS books
Prospector Books 3 week 1
Interlibrary Loan 2 week, but varies by lending institution Contact Interlibrary Loan prior to due date
882-0467 HSL*
NOTE: *HSL in the above table refers to the Health Sciences Library


MU Staff: Research on the Road

Visiting other MERLIN/MOBIUS libraries

MU faculty, students and staff who are in good standing (no billed books or unpaid fines or blocks on their circulation record) may go to any other MERLIN / MOBIUS library and present their MU ID card and borrow books held in those libraries, if they are “Available” in the MERLIN / MOBIUS catalog.

Recalling a Book that is Checked Out

  1. Go to the Ellis Library Circulation Desk or at any branch library circulation desk with your MU ID card.
    • Requests for recall must be made in person.  No requests by email or phone are accepted.
    • You cannot recall an item online through the MERLIN or MOBIUS catalog.
  2. Have the author, title and call number of the item ready to give to staff at the Circulation Desk.
  3. We will recall an item if there are no available copies in any other MERLIN/MOBIUS Library.
    • If there is an available copy at any other MERLIN/MOBIUS library, that copy will be requested rather than recalling one that is already checked out to a patron.